Game and Video based learning, customized for each kid

Pedron is a collection of games and videos for Preschool kids, which are perfectly in sync with what they learn at school. It not only provides them endless practice opportunities but also customizes the learning plan for each kid as per their progress.

The Pedron Experience

Main Features


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Deepa Review

My daughter has always been a step
ahead of her classroom sessions. That's the reason I have always encouraged her to read up subsequent topics. Pedron helps streamline her learning plan much better. Now she can go much deeper into the same concepts that are being taught in the class. Plus there is always a benefit
of exploring things that interest her.

Deepa Dutta, Mother of a 6 yr old Mumbai
Dora Review

My son is hooked to the tablet.
He always wants to see videos and play games. Pedron helps me regulate his digital play time. Not only does PEdron satisfy my son's cravings (games & animations), it does it in a well thought out manner. It helps him learn more and also keeps me abreast with his progress.

Dora Devasher, Mother of a 4 yr oldGurgaon
St Xaviers High School Review

Pedron looks super exciting.
With it we plan to take our power association
with Totsmart to the next level.

St Xaviers High SchoolGurgaon
Jamia Millia Islamia Nursery School Review

Pedron has helped us launch smart teaching
in our classes. It is helping students, and Parents
are also delighted with such interventions.

Jamia Millia Islamia Nursery SchoolNew Delhi
Ramagya Public School review

This is our second year of association with
Totsmart Education. Pedron definitely looks exciting and
can be of immense help to our students.

Ramagya Public SchoolNoida
South Delhi Public School Review

Our school has been working with TotSmart
Education for the past 4 years and we believe their new offering - Pedron
has the potential to transform how we teach our kids

South Delhi Public SchoolNew Delhi
Adarsh Public School Review

We support the grandoise vision of Pedron team
and believe it has the potential to shape the future of education

Adarsh Public SchoolDelhi